Multi-sport summer activities in Megève

From July 14 to August 11, 2019

To be booked as soon as possible, places limited to 10 children per week

Megève Multi-Sports

With a view to a future stay in Megève this summer, you are wondering how to keep your children so dynamic and in need of activities for some, or how to find motivation for others, who would rather tend to lock themselves away, with a console or tablet in their hands…

Megève Multi-Sports est is a weekly formula, from Sunday to Friday, offering a diversified range of activities for children aged 6 to 12, making them discover the pleasures of the mountains in summer, supervised by professionals for each discipline.

Meet every morning at 9:20 am at the tennis court
with the picnic and let’s go for a great day of sensations until 5:30 pm !
No more parents going back and forth to take and pick up the children!

They are in a small group of 10/12 children for 2 animators, who ensure the safety and well-being of each of them.

The Activities

Tennis Camp

Price: 185€ / week

From 9h30 to 11h from Monday to Friday for everyone depending on the level (class of 6 children maximum with the Megève Tennis Club)

On Saturday, “tournament” day to close the week, but without the supervision of the 2 animators, the children spend the day with the tennis teachers at the club.

Picnic lunch

On an outdoor playground, in the swimming pool, or in the shelter depending on the weather conditions. Each child brings his lunch in his backpack.

And every afternoon, a different activity is proposed by the facilitators.

Cani-hiking outing

Price: 20€

Supervised by a professional and his sled dogs, in addition to the animators.

Kids love this activity, where everyone is assigned a dog based on the child’s age and size. The 2 partners are connected by a lanyard, and walk in the nature while getting to know each other. Exercises are proposed by the person in charge and there is a real attachment between the child and the dog at the end of the activity, a pure moment of happiness !

Pony ride

Price: 25€

The pony rides are supervised by the Cheval de Feug in Combloux

The club offers a 1-hour ride for the older ones, on an equestrian trail, through fields and forest, supervised by the centre’s instructors. For the younger ones, it will be more like a workshop with small ponies, in the club’s career, with exercises and games of skill.

The children are delighted to take care of their horses, before and after riding them and some may discover a new passion  😉

Lake Javen Recreation Centre

Price: 15€
Trampoline, bungy and archery are available to everyone.
What a pleasure to do jumps, tricks, practice somersaults or bounce like a kangaroo! The children take turns discovering these adrenaline sensations and improve with each passing. And to rest, the archery part requires their attention and concentration, to reach the target as close as possible.

Lake Javen Recreation Centre

Price: 15€
Trampoline, bungy and archery are available to everyone.
What a pleasure to do jumps, tricks, practice somersaults or bounce like a kangaroo! The children take turns discovering these adrenaline sensations and improve with each passing. And to rest, the archery part requires their attention and concentration, to reach the target as close as possible.

Laser-game at the 2000 Coast

Price: 20€

The laser-game is also a highlight of the week! Everyone takes to the game to represent their team, yellow or red, and gives it their all to eliminate their opponents with a laser shot… The activity takes place in a 10,000m2 park, where players hide behind trees, piles of logs or bushes.

And the end of the game will be closed by the allocation of points for each participant, a real moment of pleasure where even the animators are into it 😉 !!

The Coast 2000 accrobranche course

Price: 15€ for 2 trips

Specially adapted to children, it allows them to test their attention, balance and self-control, under the supervision of the group leaders, who remain on the ground to encourage and supervise the children.

Some will evolve at ease like little monkeys, on zip lines, logs, nets or barrels, while others will take their time, all in concentration and control, under the watchful eye of the group leaders.

Après-midi piscine

Price: 5€ or free if you buy the Megève Pass

Supervised by the group leaders and supervised by the lifeguards of the Palais des sports.

Games, Panta-gliss, paddling pools and playgrounds are all places where children love to play and romp together. The “changing room” part is also part of the learning process, since everyone must take charge of changing, gathering their things and getting dressed in order to find the group… A real Challenge for some 😉

2 4S toboggan runs at Jaillet

Price: Free if you buy the Megève Pass

Included in the Megève Pass, they allow children to discover the course with a friend.

The descent, fully secured and automated from start to finish, allows you to experience pleasant sensations of adrenaline, while remaining in control of your own speed. The children are asking for more!

Mini-golf activity

Price: 4€

in front of the Jaillet tennis courts for time off or to complete a shorter activity such as sledging or a short walk.

Address and dexterity are to be gathered to obtain the best points…

Visit of a goat farm

Price: 26€

To visit a goat farm and taste some of the farm’s products. It starts by picking up the goats in their fields, then taking them down to the farm, giving them hay, while others collect the eggs from the neighbouring hens.

And after this careful work, the children enjoy a good snack at the table made from goat’s milk, custards and fresh cheeses. A real delight for your mouth!

Hiking and entertainment

Games and group entertainment with the facilitators, mountain walks according to the weather and the week’s program.

Skating rink, swimming pool, media library, climbing or cinema activity

The program is likely to change depending on weather conditions, there will always be a “plan B”!

Rafting trip

Price: 40€

Possible trip to Passy with parents, on request, and depending on the age (from 7 years old) and size of the children. Optional.

Good tips

  • A cap is offered to each child, which he or she undertakes to wear for the duration of the internship and will come with it every morning.
  • A snack is offered by the facilitators every day. (For allergic children, please give them their own snacks)
  • When you register, you must provide proof of insurance for your child, in addition to that provided by Megève Multi-Sports.
  • Travelling is mainly on foot, by free shuttles or with Sandrine’s personal car + that of a parent, to go to the riding school in Combloux, or to the Cani-rando, at the exit of Megève.
  • Children who cannot swim must bring armbands for the pool.
The Rates

The day is set at 80€ for the supervision of the child from 9:30am to 5:30pm by the facilitators, i.e. 10€ per hour.





Sports activities are payable in addition, Sports activities are payable in addition.
The weekly schedule is given to parents at the beginning of the week, with the amount of each activity to be paid each day.

Only the tennis camp is to be paid directly at the tennis club, as soon as the child registers on; a tennis registration form will be given to you. (185€ for the week).

An information sheet is sent for each registration request on the site or by email.

A 20% discount is granted for the registration of a 3rd child from the same family.

A deposit of 150€ is required to validate each registration.

The facilitators

Sandrine and her younger son Raphaël, both holders of the BAFA (Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateurs) form a perfect duo for the supervision of children during the summer camps. Their understanding and complementarity bring a serene and warm atmosphere to the group.


With 30 years of experience working with children at summer camps and teaching skiing, she knows how to adapt to all situations and manages groups of children with mastery..

She has a pedagogical and personal approach to each child and knows how to create a relationship of trust with parents.


19 years old, is also very appreciated by children, for his cheerful character and his calm and reassuring attitude.

His physical abilities have led him to follow a course in sports studies, and he is currently preparing his ski instructor at the ESF in Megève.

He is studying at the same time at the Institut de Chiropraxie de Toulouse and enjoys returning to Megève to supervise the children during the summer internships.


What do parents say about it ?

Merci Sandrine et Raphaël ! Mon fils est ravi de la semaine qu il a passé à vos côtés. Il a découvert la nature et de superbes activités. Il est rentré tous les soirs avec de merveilleuses choses à nous raconter et des étoiles plein les yeux ! Encore un grand bravo et merci à vous 2


My children had a wonderful time with Sandrine who organizes a lovely day camp. There is a great choice of activities and Sandrine and her team are very flexible and manage the children really well. They tried new activities and gained confidence, all the while meeting other children and practicing new sports outdoors !


Merci encore pour cette super semaine riche en rencontre humaine et découverte sportive et culturelle. Bravo à vous deux, Vivement l’année prochaine et merci pour toutes ces magnifiques photos partagées chaque jour



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Contact Us

Location: Megève  – FRANCE

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Hours: 9h – 17h





Contact Us

Location: Megève  – FRANCE

Telephone: +33(0)


Hours: 9h – 17h