3 TRAPPERS Weeks for Easter 2023!

3 weeks are proposed to our little TRAPPEURS this year! From Monday 10/04 to Friday 28/04/2023, to immerse themselves in nature, in the forest, to make huts, to track down animal tracks, to observe them, or to walk alongside them, with the donkeys and dogs. Picnic in...

TRAPPERS’ afternoon in Megeve

During the school vacations, the child will have the pleasure to meet the TRAPPEURS in the afternoon to play in the SNOW, to walk in snowshoes, to follow the animal tracks, to build an IGLOO or to slide in a SLED or in a MINI SURF. All this with friends and under the...

All Saint’s TRAPPER CAMP 4/13 ans

After this great summer in the middle of nature, there are still many things to explore, discover, feel and share between little Trappers! The forest will give us its secrets, its scents, its autumn clues, to find and decipher, with our mountain guides. Come and join...

TRAPPERS’ courses winter 2022

During the school holidays and winter weekends, the TRAPPEURS can meet after skiing in the afternoons for a few games of sledging, snowmen, and snowshoeing on the trail of the animals. The TRAPPEURS camp will be located between the Tour and the Caboche, to welcome...


After this beautiful summer where many little Trappers could enjoy the fresh air and the mountain pastures of Mègevans, here is the autumn version 😉 The 4/5 years old and the 6/13 years old will come to meet the donkeys and the dogs for nice hikes; they will discover...

MINI TRAPPERS 4/5 years old

For little explorers who love to discover the forest, walk with donkeys, build huts, pet rabbits, play in a stream and fill themselves with nature, this will be a revelation! Well supervised by professionals, they will meet their parents for lunch and tell them about...


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Sandrine JANET

Location: Megève  – FRANCE

Hours: 9:00 – 22:00 – 7/7





Contact Us

Sandrine JANET

Location: Megève  – FRANCE

Hours: 9:00 – 22:00 – 7/7